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May 2013

So, who is entering the competition?

Let us know?

  1. theyllcallusrevolutionaries answered: I’m thinking I’m going to try?
  2. smile-for-me-please answered: i think i am! sounds great :D
  3. electech answered: i am~
  4. eillipses answered: If inspiration hits, then definitely!
  5. thestateofardadreaming answered: I’m seriously thinking about it!
  6. gyro-gyro-gyro answered: I might finish this thing on time. I pray to the Gods I will.
  7. ronerayette answered: I want to
  8. emmygir answered: I’ve got an idea, so you can probably count me in.
  9. pseudo-heroine answered: trying my best to!
  10. catsandkittensandstuff answered: I’m totally going to enter the competition c:
  11. bunni-bun said: I’ll definitely be entering!!
  12. shudderingwords answered: I want to!! :D
  13. jimperbam answered: I’ll be in! I love the idea! :D
  14. paganmisssyn answered: I think I might! Even though I know my story will be garbage
  15. acetrainerjaimie answered: I will if I can!
  16. huntingthehaggis answered: If I have time!
  17. fantasycal said: If I can finish anything in time
  18. babytatercakes answered: I think I will!
  19. lathea said: I think I’ll give it a go
  20. swiss-fucking-cheese said: I ~might~ enter. I want to see of I have the time.
  21. faux-tail answered: *raises her hand tentatively* Pretty sure I’m going to, if all these finals don’t kill me.
  22. purpleapple317 answered: i just got back to writing short stories so, i’m in =D
  23. the-keys-to-my-world answered: Thinking about it. Might have to wait until after the 15th to decide, since I really should be focusing on studying for an AP exam right now.
  24. pineapple-overlord answered: I think so!
  25. savingprimrose answered: I asked a friend if I should give it a try and she said I should. So yeah, I guess I’m entering! :D
  26. shelblivelaughlove1d said: I AM!! And so pumped about it!! 😄
  27. swelldame answered: I would really like to enter it. :D Hopefully I’ll be inspired! :D
  28. lupusdraconis answered: Definitely thinking about it. :)
  29. thewritershelpers posted this