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March 2013

500 Word Challenge

“Ich…Ich glaub’ das zu träumen..die mauer…Im Rücken war kalt…”

She was sitting beneath the docks, her back against one of the pillars. Golden eyes watched the sun set, dipping beneath the water and painting the sky a bright purple before it faded to blackness, revealing the star-dappled blanket that was the night sky. The brightness reflecting off the water burned her eyes, and yet she didn’t look away. Her gaze seemed distant, lost in another world.

“Die Schüsse reissen die Luft.. Doch wir küssen, als ob nichts geschieht...”

The city's inhabitants were already retiring for the night, and so the footfalls that the bard heard above her, and the creaking of the wood, were a little unexpected. Still, she kept singing; for all she knew, it could have been one lover awaiting the other, and her song could have set the mood for them.

“Und die Scham fiel auf ihre Seite... Oh, wir können sie schlagen, für alle Zeiten...”

Whoever it was stopped above her, and cast a large shadow, elongated further by the fading sunlight. From what the bard saw, they seemed very imposing, armoured much like the Paladin Justicar of the various city's temples. It was a male, she figured, for no woman had shoulders that broad, or a chest that wide. Her eyes tore from the setting sun to look up through the cracks between wooden planks, seeing the all too familiar colours of the Justicar of Brienlye. She froze.

“I recognize that voice anywhere.” The Justicar spoke up, his voice resonating deeply from his barreled chest; she could recognize his voice anywhere, as well. He didn't make any move to come down. “You do not do much to keep yourself hidden, do you?”

“I do not fear those who wish me dead.” Came her flat response.

“How have you been?”

Why was he asking? Why did he care all of a sudden? “Fine.”

“And our child?”

She bristled. He knew very well how their child was.

“You killed her before she could ever draw her first breath.” This time, she didn't bother holding back any resentment.

There was a moment of silence between the two, one that felt like it was going on for far too long despite time barely passing.

“Farewell, then. I wish you well.” She heard him turn around and take a few steps before stopping again. Her heart lurched in her chest. “The next time we meet won't be any different from the last meeting.”

The Justicar was gone moments later, and the bard shut her eyes against tears that came flowing anyway. Her hand rested on her lower belly, her breathing ragged. She wished it hadn't ended the way it did. She wished he hadn't happened upon her this evening, and wished he hadn't been falsely friendly.

She wished she didn't still love him.

“Dann sind wir Helden... Nur diesen Tag...”
((For those who require a translation of the lyrics:
“I... I think about dreaming.. The wall.. In the back was cold”

“The shots tear air... But we kiss, as if nothing happens...”

“And the shame fell on its side... Oh, we can strike it, for all times...”

“Then we are heroes... Only this day...” 
Decided to change it up, instead of writing modern with texting or calling, I took it to my fantasy setting :D ))
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