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March 2013
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Genre Help: Romance (The basics)


Hey, guys! I’m J, and I’ll be helping contribute to The Writers’ Helpers during the onslaught of NaNoWriMo this month!

Right now, I’ll be posting a series of links / helpful advice related to specific GENRES. Today, we’ll be covering ROMANCE. (Wiki article definition)

(REMEMBER: These are suggestions/advice. You’re not required to follow any instructions to the ‘T’ - this is your story and belongs to no one else! Write what you want to write! :D)

Sub-Genres of Romance

Mika Lo’s Formula For Writing A Romance Story

Different Story Structures of Romance

TVTropes Links:

Romance Novel Plots

Romance Arcs

Love Interests

Love Tropes - Plethora of links on the right side of the page (Beware! You may spend a lot of time on here!)

Writing World: Romance

NOTE: This site covers tons of things regarding romance in novels, including Writing Romantic DialogueWriting Emotional Scenes Without Melodrama, Character Professions in Romance, tips on writing Love Scenes, and covers many of the subgenres, including Fantasy, Time-Travel, and Comedy

Also includes interviews!

Seven Tips on How To Start A Romance Novel - Also a good source for novels without romance.

Imagine Your OTP - A good tumblr blog for ideas involving your romantic couple! Involves fluff, NSFW situations, and even sad scenarios. Trigger warnings marked as well.

These are just a few of many more. If anyone wants to share any links / suggestions, do please submit~!


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