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March 2013

Masterpost of drinking experiences….

Response to this ask.

This post contains peoples favourite drinks, how they feel when drunk and the dreaded hangover. Under a read more because so many of you contributed!

isiskali replied: to the anon about drinking: I am into whisky and vodka only because i cannot drink beer because it makes me fall asleep and when I used drink when I was younger I used to mix drinks and the hangover was the most painful I used to feel nauseated and it used to last for half the day after the fact.
the-gingerdancer repliedI am going to sound like an alcoholic but hey, all in the name of the arts! Disaronno and coke tastes like Dr pepper, but straightup disaronno tastes of marzipan and is GROSS. archers and lemonade (snap, writershelper!) tastes a bit peachy. as for how i react,i generally get a bit “looser” I suppose,i find it easier to talk to people and i am a lot more honest and ballsy. when i’m hungover i get the worst nausea ever, but i’m not sick. my friends get killer headaches though. "mixing drinks" and "mixing your drinks" are two different things. "mixing drinks" is when you put two or more different types of alcohol in one and will generally get you obscenely drunk very quickly. "mixing your drinks" is having several different types of alcohol but not necessarily at the same time. For example, having a vodka based drink (WKD, smirnoff ice or any type of shot) and then having cider and later liquor would be mixing your drinks.
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