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March 2013

Anonymous asked

I've never drank alcohol and I can't because I'm not the legal age to do so. I have a character who is and appreciates certain drinks but I don't know what kind of drinks they would like. I also don't know what they taste like and how it will really effect the character. I would like to hear people's personal experience in detail of how certain drinks make them feel, how they react if drunk or hangover and what's their favorite type of drink and why. It will help me a lot!

I know this will open up a stream of questions but I’ll make a masterpost.

FOLLOWERS. Tell us your drinking habits, what do you drink? Why do you drink it? How do you feel during and after?

I always drink archers and lemonade. Always. Sometimes I do shots but I don’t enjoy them. I drink to be sociable and because I enjoy going to nightclubs and occasionally partying. I get a warm feeling in my tummy and everything seems more fun. It takes less to confuse me when I’m tipsy. When I have too much my throat begins to hurt and I feel sick. Morning after I’m usually fine as I tend to be the one who looks after all my drunk friends. 

So yeah, my experience. 




K here.

Okay, to be honest, I thought I never was a beer person. But here in Germany? I can drink it just fine. I actually like it almost as much as I like mixed drinks, and I’ll drink with friends when we’re out eating, for example. Dark beer is the best, in my opinion, hands down. It just makes me feel really at ease. As for other drinks, I can do shots, but I’d rather have a Rum and Coke. I don’t mind some of the fruiter drinks, either.

I have yet to get really drunk [funny how that works], but it’s really easy to make me laugh with the more that I drink. Apparently, I don’t change too much when I’m drinking other than the fact that I relax a little more, and thus I don’t mind people getting in my personal space as much.


Thought I’d share my broke-college-kid experiences, haha.

I like liquor. I like it a lot. I like it in a glass and I like it in a shot. 

Now I’m Dr. Seuss talking about alcohol that’s making me question my sobriety although I haven’t had anything to drink but water today. 

Anyway, I like vodka and I like rum. Vodka and soda is enough to make me happy since I’m broke, but I do like other drinks. When I can afford it or my dad helps make it happen, pina coladas or mint mojitos are amazing. I do like the fruity drinks, but those don’t get me drunk. If I’m at a party and there’s Jungle Juice (click for the article on what it is), then I’m more likely to drink a lot of that and end up drunk(ah, college parties). I’ve only ever once had a hangover. 

Before you go to bed drink a lot of nonalcoholic fluids and you should be fine :).


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    Yeah a glass of water for every drink or shot is my motto— never had a hang over with this (alcohol dehydrates you,...
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  4. iriascend said: I don’t like any kind of alcohol except chocolate liquor (chocolaateee) and maybe a shot of gin/rum in my tea occassionally. For me, being slightly drunk feels about the same as being sugar rushed.
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