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March 2013

English Slang- Regions/Counties

I have said before I don’t like the British slang posts that circle tumblr. Not all of these slang words are used universally across the UK and some are probably out of date. So here is my list based on regions. 


  • Dutty- dirty. “She’s so dutty!”
  • Paralytic- drunk “God I was paralytic last night”
  • Baghead- idiot “John was being a right baghead”
  • Traffic light party- dress according to relationship status. 
  • Gange- weed “Gange is illegal!!”
  • Bitch/hissy fit- tantrum “Oh stop throwing a hissy fit mum, I’ll clean it in a bit!”

by moonshine-whiske


  • How’s your fettle- how’re you doing? 
  • Marra- friend “He’s such a good marra”
  • yan tyan tethera methera- one, two, three, four
  • Yous- plural form of you “Oi! Yous lot, pack it in!”
  • Owt- anything “What do you want to do today?” “Owt”
  • Nowt- nothing “What are you doing?” “Nowt”
  • jammy- lucky “Oh your so jammy!”
  • Garn yam- going home “I’m garn yam now”
  • Be reet- it’ll be alright “Don’t worry, be reet”

by mayonnaisetoffees


  • Chuddy- chewing gum “Can I have a chuddy?”
  • Tart- slut “Have you see that dress? She’s such a tart.”
  • Brew -tea/coffee “Make me a brew”
  • Buttie- sandwich, “I love chip butties”
  • Tintanet- internet “Just on tintanet”

by yuutfa

Merseyside (Mainly Liverpool/Scouse words)

  • Scouse- A person from Liverpool is (also, “a scouser”), 
  • Scatty- something dirty “Don’t wear that, it’s scatty!”
  • Gigs- (eye) glasses “I like your new gigs!”
  • Kecks- Trousers “Pull your kecks up!”
  • Meff- someone who is dirty 
  • Ming/Minger- someone who is dirty “Your such a minger Tom!”
  • Bizzies- Police “The bizzies nearly got me!”
  • Chippy- Fish and chip shop “Chippy for tea?”
  • Divvy- Idiot “Stop being a divvy”
  • Made up- Really happy “I’m real made up with your results!”
  • Is right- “get in there” which I guess means “yay”
  • Muzzy- “moustache” “Cor, look at the muzzy on him!”
  • Pure- (adj) Very
  • Doing my head in- annoying/frustrating me “Be quiet Lucy, you’re doing my head in”
  • Swerve (that)- Stop that/something along the lines of “no I’m not doing that/let’s not do that”
  • Cuppa- Cup of tea “Fancy a cuppa?”
  • Butty/butties- sandwich/es “Lets have some butties”
  • Fuming- Extremely angry “I was fuming”
  • Boss- (adj) amazing “Wow you are so boss at that game!”
  • As if- “I don’t believe it”, coming from “as if that’s true” “Harry’s in jail.” “As if!”
  • Bevvy- Alcholic drink “Get me a bevvy”
  • Blag- Lie “Stop blagging”
  • Come ‘ed- “Come head” – offering a fight
  • Geg (verb, usually followed by “in”, can be “gegging in”, “gegged in”, etc)- Join in on something (activity/conversation/etc. uninvited) “Stop gegging in!”
  • Geg out- Usually said when telling somebody to butt out “This is nothing to do with you, geg out”
  • No nee- used as an exclamation of digust/disappointment (also “any need?”)
  • Wool- (noun) somebody not from Liverpool but from the surrounding areas e.g. St Helens, Wigan, Warrington, etc.”He’s a wool, isn’t he”
  • Plazzy scouser- (Plastic Scouser) somebody who claims to be Scouse when they’re not 
  • Soft lad- Friendly name for somebody who is being a bit dim “Fred’s being a bit of a soft lad”
  • Soz- Sorry 
  • Ta’-Thanks “Ta for that
  • Ye ma-Your mum

by thesoundofwiccan 

Midlands ( More Black country)

  • Ar cor- I can’t “Ar cor do that”
  • I bay- I better not
  • I day- I daren’t “Pull his trousers down!” “I day do that!
  • Barmy- Crazy “Your mum is barmy!”
  • Bab- pet name “You okay bab?”
  • Babbee- Baby “She’s got a babbee now”

by anon


  • Plodging- to paddle in shallow water “Going to go plodging
  • Canny- good “She’s a canny girl”
  • Skumfished- hot or tired depending on region “Oh I’m skumfished, best go to bed.”
  • Ahaad- something caught fire
  • Cannit- cannot 
  • Lowp- jump
  • Stottie- round bread
  • on your honkers- crouching “Why are you on your honkers?”
  • Crack-gossip “You’ll never believe this crack I just heard!”
  • Hinny- honey “Give me a cuddle hinny”
  • Divvent- do/did not “I divvent do that!”
  • Toon- town “I’m going to go toon”
  • Bairn- child “She’s such a cute bairn!”
  • Hacky- dirty “Oh, your clothes are hacky”

by lixstorrm


  • Peng’ - meaning attractive, fit, pretty “She’s so peng!”
  • Greb- emo “She looks like a greb”
  • Short Weekends- trousers that are too short “Reece we’re going to have to buy you some new trousers, they are short weekends!”

by bethyhaswings


  • Alllraiiiiight Me lover- alright my love “Hello” “Alright me lover?”
  • Babber- baby “Oh look at the cute babber”
  • Casn’t- can’t “I casn’t do that!”
  • Gurt- very 
  • Kinave- can I have “Kinave a lolly please”
  • Rit- write
  • Pitcher- picture “Oh what a nice pitcheer”
  • Wheres Attoo? - where is that
  • Brissle- Bristol “He’s from brissle
  • init- isn’t it “That food is so nice, innit”

by bkhea


  • ‘Eck/heck - hell “By heck that hill is steep!”
  • Bait- snack “Let me get some bait”
  • Beck- stream or brook. “Jill is playing down by the beck”
  • Belt- to hit/thrash “I’ll belt you if you don’t shut up”
  • Chuffed- happy “I’m really chuffed with you”
  • Flaggin’- Tired “I’m flaggin today”
  • Flummox - confused/puzzled “You’ve really flummoxed me”
  • Gaffer- boss “Best speak to the gaffer about that”
  • Lug- pull or tug something or a tangle in hair. “I have to lug that sack all the way upstairs!” “I have so many lugs in my hair”
  • Mardy/mardy bum- moody/bad tempered “You are such a mardy bum, it’ll be your turn in a minute!”
  • Mind- watch out for “Mind your brother at school”
  • Nowt- nothing
  • 'Ow do - how do you do? “Ow do you today?”
  • Owt - anything
  • Pop- fizzy drink “Pass me the pop”
  • Reckon- think “I reckon I’m going to fail these tests.”
  • Reight- very “It’s reight good this game!”
  • Spell- splinter of wood “I just got a spell in my hand from that fence!”
  • Popped ‘is cloggs- died “Dennis popped ‘is cloggs last week
  • Duck- pet name “How are you duck?”
  • Love- pet name “Are you alright love?”

Further information

30 English accents- A funny video by a very talented guy!

British slang

The London slang dictionary

If your area wasn’t included or some slang wasn’t send it to me and I will edit it. 


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