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March 2013

Skype Help!

Hey guys! We’ve been talking, and we came to a really cool decision.

I’m going to open up my Skype [still anonymous!] for personalized critiques of longer works or more personalized questions, whether it’s via call or instant-messaging. While I won’t be on all of the time [and I’m in the CET Timezone], I’ll definitely be able to give you guys replies if you drop me IMs.

If you want to add me, search xixi-us under the Add Contact. It’s the one with the name K. Please make sure to add that you found me via The Writers’ Helpers, so I don’t accidentally decline your contact-sharing request!

We’ll play this by ear and see how it goes, but I’m looking forward to this.

-K and the TWH Team

  1. emilyerock said: sweet!! thanks!!
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