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February 2013


That’s right YOU. We had a suggestion from a follower to help get this community more involved. 

What the hell I’m on about

We are going to create a post with the URLs of you guys who want to and are able to give advice to others. So If you answer this with the genre you write we will include you in a new page I’ll be creating. 

It’s just a nice way to build this community and encourage all of us to share our knowledge and tips. Because how else will we learn?

So, you in?

  1. conquistadaar answered: Fantasy! Lately it’s been Urban Fantasy too.
  2. dogphotog answered: I write historical fiction and adventure.
  3. kaimalak answered: I’m Russian (I can help Russians =) and I write fantasy/fantastic novels. Also I’m an editor (it’s my work and major) if it matters.
  4. almostawinchester answered: Fantasy, mostly. (Also, I’d be able to help with dialogue and grammar/punctuation if anyone’s interested)
  5. uncivilizedinfanta answered: Epic fantasy, historical fiction, also any novel set in China, Japan or Russia
  6. bluebirdings answered: I don’t know if it’s a “genre” per se, but I’m a screenwriting major at my university and I’d love to help other screenwriters/playwrights!:)
  7. thepurdypurdy answered: Fantasy, fairy tale adaptions and mythopoeic
  8. lovedly answered: Mystery/Suspense/Romance. Also write poetry, for anyone interested in poetry.
  9. icountcards answered: I write YA, mostly paranormal.
  10. werewolfoverlord12 answered: Fantasy/Horror {as in mostly fantasy but i do like writing about things that aren’t normal or that some people find frightening}
  11. ahollowforest answered: YA; primary genres are fantasy and romance, but I love horror, too.
  12. loves-arrow-will-surly-miss answered: Hell Yes!
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  15. wirelesswizard answered: I mainly write flash fiction (stories that are just a few hundred words). I like writing stories that are either meaningful or shocking.
  16. writing-in-the-blue answered: I write Young Adult post-apocalyptic and historic fiction.
  17. agnosticheadstrongman answered: fantasy, action-adventure, magic realism etc
  18. sir-conundrum answered: I write fantasy, sci-fi and magical realism
  19. kagenoneko answered: Fanfiction, fantasy, but I primarly enjoy writing about characters in terrible medical sitautions with realism.
  20. i-am-jason-grace answered: I write sci-fi primarily. But I’ve done fantasy/supernatural mixed in with realism and espionage, too.
  21. theticklishpear answered: Fantasy, young adult, non-fiction, poetry, adventure, action…. I write a lot of different stuff, and I love dialogue.Hit me up if you want.
  22. whiskeyandsilk answered: ya, fantasy, erotica, romance, etc. i also proofread/edit.
  23. raccoonrocketeer answered: Fantasy :D
  24. nerd-from-oz answered: I’m in! I am able to help with fantasy (high fantasy) and steampunk stuff (I have a ton of research done) :D
  25. mallghost said: *Okay, let me try this again. That sentence was supposed to say “my writing tone ranges from dark to sunny, and I love to write bizarre humour.” I accidentally hit Enter.
  26. mallghost answered: I mostly write conceptual science fiction and fantasy, but I am versatile. My writing ranges from I like to write bizarre humour.
  27. jkyacovelle answered: YA urban fantasy generally, but I also write fantasy, contemporary, romance, short storis, smut, and distopian
  28. mrhandsomejack answered: I write YA, fantasy, Sci-fi. Dystopia, utopia, post-apoc kind of stuff.
  29. devaliante answered: Mostly fantasy, but I’ve been known to dabble in slice-of-life, historical and sci-fi. Also, I love murder mystery and crime drama.
  30. clubfang said: Amalgam of: YA, paranormal romance, romance, fantasy. Feel free to put us in any/all of those categories.
  31. evilofeden answered: Fantasy (most particularly urban fantasy and fairy tales) and sci-fi are my fortes. I can try giving advice for anything, though.
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  33. ridingunicornswithezio answered: Fantasy!
  34. nerdsweater answered: Fantasy, sci-fi, post-apocalyptic, and dystopian. Mostly I like to write about zombies.
  35. jrlbennett answered: Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  36. peaceloveandyellowbananas answered: Romance/action/adventure/friendship/fantasy. xD I write a lot of genres… :L
  37. writless answered: I generally write fantasy and am willing to give honest feedback on most genres.
  38. dinosoup answered: dark; truthful
  39. insertbooktitlehere answered: File me in with fantasy but also drama. I’m up for giving a critique on any genre.
  40. emilyerock answered: I’m in! I write Young Adult &/or Sci-fi/Fantasy/Paranormal
  41. duskborn answered: Science fiction and young adult, with dabblings in fantasy. This is a great idea guys!
  42. yuutfa answered: Fantasy and general copywriting work